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GeoAssist Limited - Civil, Environmental and Geotechnical


Site Investigations

At GeoAssist Limited we specialize in site investigations and consequently cover all aspects of ground investigation ranging from Preliminary Risk Assessments (stage one desk based studies) through to Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessments and Implementation of Remediation Strategies.


As a specialist site investigation company we are able to undertake all types of intrusive investigation including:

  1. Cable Percussive Drilling

  2. Window Sampling

  3. Rotary Core Drilling

  4. Hand Auger Holes

  5. Hand Tool Excavated Trial Pits

  6. Mechanically Excavated Trial Pits

  7. Hand Tool Services Exploration

All boring, drilling and coring is carried out in accordance with the British Drilling Association requirements to the relevant British Standards by our own directly employed drillers.

All of our site investigations are carried out under the direct supervision of our expert and fully qualified geotechnical / environmental engineers from the outset.
We believe that communication is the key to providing quality site investigation reports, tailored to our client's specific needs and requirements ensuring an efficient and cost effective site investigation program is delivered on time and within budget.