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GeoAssist Limited - Civil, Environmental and Geotechnical


In-situ Testing & Instrumentation

Field Testing

In addition to the drilling rigs we operate, we also perform in situ earth works testing for many of our clients. GeoAssist can perform the following tests.

  1. California Bearing Ratio Tests (CBR)

  2. Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP)

  3. In-situ Density Tests

  4. In-situ Permeability Tests

  5. Plate Bearing Test

  6. Soil Resistivity Testing (electrical earthing)

  7. Standard Penetration Tests

Weather Station &  Plate Test

Instrumentation & Monitoring

We can also install singular points or networks of equipment to monitor:

  1. Ground Temperatures

  2. Groundwater Levels

  3. Landfill Gas

  4. Pore Water Pressure

  5. Settlement

  6. The Weather

Pile Platform Testing & Design