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GeoAssist Limited - Civil, Environmental and Geotechnical





If you have a ground related project, or even problem, no matter how large or small then GeoAssist are here to help. With over 30 years experience in environmental and geotechnical projects GeoAssist Limited possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in environmental consultancy, monitoring and remediation as well as geotechnical design engineering.

Our extensive technical in-house library catalog and geological map records together with our electronically archived database of completed projects extending back nearly 50 years means that GeoAssist's engineers have access to a host of invaluable resources to help us provide our clients with the best possible service and value.

Our approach to business is based on teamwork and we guarantee a professional efficient service. For further details or to discuss how GeoAssist can help you or your business we can be contacted by phone, fax or e-mail.

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Core Services

  1. Site Investigation / Ground Investigation

  2. Cable Percussive, Windowless/Window Sampling & Rotary Core Drilling Services

  3. Borehole Instrumentation Installation

  4. Phase I Preliminary Contaminated Land Risk Assessment / Desk Studies

  5. Geotechnical & Environmental Modelling

  6. Environmental Permitting Assistance

  7. Flood Risk Assessment

  8. Geotechnical Design - Slope Analysis, Foundation Design.

  9. In-situ Testing - SPT, DCP, CBR, Plate Bearing Tests

  10. Landfill and Ground Gas Monitoring

  11. Soil, Rock & Aggregates Testing

  12. Soakaway Testing - Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems Design (SUDS)

Planning Services

  1. Flood Risk Assessment

  2. Archaeological Surveys (Geophysical Subsurface Mapping)

  3. Habitat and Protected Species Surveys

  4. Environmental Contamination Surveys

  5. Geotechnical Site Investigations

  6. Environmental Site Investigation

  7. Geotechnical Design

  8. Concrete Ground Bearing Slabs, Floors & Machine Bases

Typical Clients

  1. Planning Consultants

  2. Local Authorities

  3. Civil Engineering Contractors

  4. Earthworks Contractors

  5. House Builders

  6. Technical Consultants

  7. Utilities Providers

The above list is by no means exhaustive and over the years GeoAssist has been trusted to provide tailored professional services for a wide range of clients and organizations.